Young Adults

Young Ostomate & Diversion Alliance of America (YODAA)

The Ileostomy and Internal Pouch Support Group - Young IA

Young IA aims to support the association’s younger members, and other young people, either pre-surgery or post-surgery, who undergo either an ileostomy or an internal pouch operation.

The Young IA co-ordinator serves on the association’s National Executive Committee to represent the interest of its young members. It is the responsibility of this person to identify the needs of those young members and ensure that IA is meeting those needs. At present IA's young members are defined as those under the age of 40.

The Young Ostomate & Diversion Alliance of America (YODAA)

The Young Ostomate & Diversion Alliance of America (YODAA) provides both community and resources to young adults with ostomies, diversions, or are preparing for a similar surgery. Here you will find information about our national events, local events, helpful resources, and ways to stay connected in this community. Beyond that, we have photos from our events, and information on joining YODAA.

Young Ostomates United Inc.

Young Ostomates United (YOU) Inc was formed in October 1989, originally under the name "Young Ostomy United".

We are a non-profit organisation that aims to encourage support and friendship between young people with a stoma, their families and friends and to provide resource material to both new and well-established ostomates.

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