Living With A Stoma

I hope that my website will be helpful to everyone, not just for new ostomates. After all, everyone can learn something new every day, and ostomates are no exception. With a little care and common sense, you can keep yourself and your stoma healthy, and you can enjoy many of the same things you did before surgery.

All About Bowel Surgery

This website is here for you to supplement information you have been given and will enable you to access it in your own time and pace. There are organisations that will be happy to discuss aspects of living with a stoma with you and give non-medical advice and help.

American Gastroenterological Association

The online resource for members of the American Gastroenterological Association, other medical professionals with an interest in digestive diseases, patients and the general public.

UOAA Forum - General Ostomy Discussion

For general discussion of ostomies and continent diversions.

Shadow Buddies - From Hollister

"Now available exclusively from Hollister, the ostomy Shadow Buddy doll can help children through the experience of ostomy surgery. The Shadow Buddy doll was designed by the mother of a pediatric ostomy patient as a "special friend" for her son. The ostomy Shadow Buddy is a muslin doll that has a stoma just like the child who is undergoing ostomy surgery. For each child, the ostomy Shadow Buddy is someone who is "just like me." For health-care professionals, the Shadow Buddy is an excellent educational tool for both children and parents.

LIVING with an Ostomy

This video from UOAA illustrates the positive quality of life attainable after ostomy surgery.

What is an Ostomy?

This section covers terminology in two primary areas: types of ostomies and continent procedures, and types of pouching systems with the major accessories and supplies.

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