Porter Regional Hospital offers a support group for ostomy patients

Young Ostomate & Diversion Alliance of America (YODAA)

Youth Rally

The YRC is devoted to providing a positive atmosphere of support, learning, and personal growth for youths with bowel and/or bladder dysfunction. Every year the Youth Rally teaches campers that everybody, regardless of any medical or physical differences, matters as a person and has the ability to achieve their goals.

Gay and Lesbian Ostomates

Who We Are

In keeping with its mission of helping all people with ostomies, the United Ostomy Association in 1982 established the Gay and Lesbian Concerns Committee, now called Gay and Lesbian Ostomates (GLO) Network. The Network works to assist Gay men and women live more positively with an ostomy.

United Ostomy Association of Chicago

The Phoenix magazine

UOAA Affiliated Support Groups

UOAA Forum - Irrigation Option for Colostomates

A forum devoted to "Irrigation" - a procedure that may be helpful for some people with left-sided colostomies.

UOAA Forum - Irrigation Option for Colostomates

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