IA Kids

A charity to raise money to support families with a child with Imperforate Anus and to raise awareness and donate to research into this rare condition.
An imperforate anus is a defect (something which is abnormal) that happens to an unborn baby while it is still growing inside its mother. The baby develops this defect or abnormality during the fifth to seventh weeks of the mother’s pregnancy. With these defects, the anus (opening at the end of the large intestine where stool passes) and the rectum (area of the large intestine just above the anus) do not develop properly.
Almost 50% of babies with imperforate anus have other abnormal defects along with the imperforate anus. These commonly include:
•Spinal abnormalities, such as hemivertebra, absent vertebra and tethered spinal cord
•Kidney and urinary tract malformations, such as horseshoe kidney and duplication of parts of the urinary tract
•Congenital heart defects
•Tracheal and esophageal defects and disorders
•Limb (particularly forearm) defects
•Down syndrome, Hirschsprung's disease and duodenal atresia can also happen with an imperforate anus.