Shadow Buddies - From Hollister

"Now available exclusively from Hollister, the ostomy Shadow Buddy doll can help children through the experience of ostomy surgery. The Shadow Buddy doll was designed by the mother of a pediatric ostomy patient as a "special friend" for her son. The ostomy Shadow Buddy is a muslin doll that has a stoma just like the child who is undergoing ostomy surgery. For each child, the ostomy Shadow Buddy is someone who is "just like me." For health-care professionals, the Shadow Buddy is an excellent educational tool for both children and parents.

Shadow Buddies are available in several different styles:
Boy or Girl
Light, Medium, or Dark Skin Tone
Blonde, Brown, Red, or Black Hair Color

A new "Senior Buddy," with gray hair, is also available for older ostomy patients!"

For information on how to obtain an ostomy Shadow Buddy, contact your local Hollister representative or visit these websites:

Shadow Buddies from Hollister - Canada

The Self-Cath Shadow Buddy is an excellent educational tool to help children and adults understand the process of intermittent self-catheterization. Available in both girls and boys and in three skin tones.
Shadow Buddies from Hollister - United States

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